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SONGBIRD is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His most successful songs have been featured around the world through various commercial licensing campaigns and have garnered over a million streams on assorted music streaming platforms. In September 2017, under his previous venture, Awake or Sleeping, Songbird flew to Tokyo, Japan to play his first sold out show, while also filming his first “official” music video for Owls in the Night.

Songbird’s lyrics incorporate a broad range of political, social and philosophical influences while centering most of his work around self-empowerment and love. He grew up playing the drums, cello, trumpet and piano, eventually writing his own music by the time he was nine years old. Originally inspired by artists such as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Sufjan Stevens, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Pete Yorn, Songbird has managed to find his own sound over the years while experimenting with different styles in the folk, singer-songwriter, electronic, EDM, and pop genres. He is most notable for the texture and high tenor range of his voice, which has been often described as “angelic” and “soothing” by listeners.

You can hear Songbird's first two singles, “Wildflower” and “Burnin’” wherever digital music is streamed or sold. Stay tuned for his third single, “Pour Me Another,” everywhere on 8/6/19.

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Photo by Roch Armando

Photo by Roch Armando