"Owls in the Night" EP


“Owls in the Night” is the latest single from Awake or Sleeping, releasing May 29, 2018. The track fuses together elements of pop and EDM for a colorful and soulful call to arms. This party track with perspective was co-written by Joe Moralez, Miguel Lara, Nicolas Blomberg and Davide Fant and produced at Sound Chalet in Los Angeles, California. Along with this capable team, producer Miguel Lara clearly brings his own strong instinct to the project, shaped from previous collaborations with the likes of Daft Punk, Coldplay, Justin Bieber and Frank Ocean.

Though the melody and lyrics echo a haunting mantra, the song evokes a question only the individual listener can answer. On this notion of creating a dance tune infused with a higher perspective, Awake or Sleeping believes:

“Every project we've released has been this sort of experiment to see what we can cook up without really knowing exactly where we’re going. We wanted to create something different from our previous release (Falling) that packed a bigger musical punch while lyrically embracing the listener to the idea that in this everyday hustle and grind, we can exist to make a positive difference as we strive for greatness.”

“Owls in the Night” takes the listener well beyond the twilight hours, and whether it’s played before the sun sets or rises, this is the woke summer anthem you’ve been waiting for. You can download and stream “Owls in the Night” on the EP of the same name, May 29th!


Track Listing

  1. Owls in the Night

  2. Hummingbird

  3. Planes


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Joe Moralez