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songbird is a north American songwriter, artist and producer residing in Los Angeles, CA.

"Writing music came naturally for me as a kid. I didn't really know what I was doing, I just knew I needed to listen to my inner-voice and let it guide the process. I've continued chasing melodies ever since."

In 2013, SONGBIRD started releasing music under the indie-pop moniker, Awake or Sleepingwho recently dropped his fifth EP, Imagination. It's the second project alongside producer Steven Solomon (James Arthur, Emerson Hart, David Cook, 5 Seconds of Summer).

"Working with Steve again was magical because we always seem to strike gold when we write together. We were able to balance the brightness of our first EP, Interstellar Hearts, with something a little darker, honest and more personal."

Production started up in Portland, Oregon with producer, Troy Welstad, who co-wrote and co-produced Hocus Pocus and AM Nights. SONGBIRD and Solomon teamed up with Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer, David Hodges (Blink-182, Daughtry, Christina Perri, Carrie Underwood) to compose the title track of the project back in Los Angeles.

Over the past several years, AoS has consistently been delivering a stellar collection of studio projects; Lost At Sea (2016 - Produced by James Gabbie), Interstellar Hearts (2015 - Produced by Steven Solomon)Constellations (2014 - Produced by Josh Hawkins a.k.a. Super Duper) and A Million Years (2013 - Produced by Aaron Carpenter).

Since 2009, SONGBIRD has independently released music through his publishing company, Elf Tree Publishing (ASCAP). SONGBIRD released two full-length albums under his name, Joe Moralez, The Way It Goes (2012 - Produced by Jacob Schrodt) and If I Could (2009 - Produced by Jon Meyer) available on iTunes and Spotify.

"Joe is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Not just in the sounds that he can craft, which are exquisite in and of themselves, but more importantly in the stories and emotions he can convey within those sounds. Each piece feels like a journey that you're invited into, one that is beautiful and immersive and expansive, but also genuinely personal, speaking to you like it was created specifically for you."   -Musicbed

Joe recently took a trip to Tokyo to shoot his first Awake or Sleeping music video for Owls in the Night, a brand new unreleased pop track produced by Sound Chalet in Los Angeles, CA. Joe is currently in the studio working on two new EPs, releasing early 2018. Visit for up to date information or follow @joemoralez on Twitter.

When Joe isn't making music he co-hosts on several podcast shows (High-Dere, Earthship Radio, 3Amoviegos, Millie McCormick Listening Hour) on the ElfTree Podcast Network, which he co-founded in 2014.  The shows on EPN cover a wide range of topics including pop culture, politics, film and fringe related discussions. As of 2017, the shows have been on hiatus while new ideas are being developed. Stay tuned!



Joe Moralez | Awake or Sleeping at Musicbed


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